Agfa APX 400 x Nikon L35 AFD

This little Nikon L35 AFD has been one of the more fun cameras that I have been working with this past year. It is a nice compact camera that can fit in the pocket of your jacket making it easy to take anywhere and everywhere. It’s easy to use and has given me great resultsContinue reading “Agfa APX 400 x Nikon L35 AFD”

Skate Archives #3 :: Me and Rob Skating in MTL part II

skateable picnic table! It was perfect. Here are a couple of “soft focus” shots of Rob. I always struggled with the manual focus cameras back then as my eyesight is less than perfect. Combine that with being new to taking photos and photos of things moving!

Nikon F80 x Likon Super 200 | Toronto 2012

Toronto 2012, this was a throwback seeing these pictures for the first time after so many years! Recently developed and scanned here in Ottawa at Labworks in my attempt at processing all of my old film that has been sitting around for so long.