Agfa APX 400 x Nikon L35 AFD

This little Nikon L35 AFD has been one of the more fun cameras that I have been working with this past year. It is a nice compact camera that can fit in the pocket of your jacket making it easy to take anywhere and everywhere. It’s easy to use and has given me great results every time I have taken it out to shoot with.

I had loaded up the Nikon with a roll of Agfa APX 400 last fall. I only took it out a few times before the snow came. Once spring hit I knew I could get out and start shooting again. I threw the Nikon in my camera bag one day about a month ago and went out wandering about around town.

There are a couple of random shots from the fall. One in Westboro, another from Gatineau and another house from somewhere in downtown Ottawa. After that we have a few from Chinatown before we get into the batch that made me happy to get.

I had been scoping out this old restaurant since sometime last summer. It had been on my radar for e-v-e-r and had shut down a few years ago. I knew I had to get some photos of it before its gone. However every single time I have gone there, the parking lot has been full! It is close to the construction of Ottawa’s light rail system and all of the workers have been using this place to park while working. Luckily I went by one day and there were only a few cars parked and I figured this might be the best chance I get. It was cold as hell out but I managed to get a few shots in. At the time I wish I had brought a more serious camera for these shots. But you have to use what you’ve got at the time, and I am happy with these images.

The last shot from this roll is the King Confectionary in Carlington. Taken in the fading daylight as it started to snow.

All in all these shots have a moody vibe. I could have lightened them up a bit but I really think the dark tones work well for the subject matter. I did punch up the contrast a little bit as I usually do. The Agfa film stock gave me some great images to work with. The images are nice and crisp with an organic grain that is rather pleasing. If you ever find yourself wondering about shooting this film you might as well grab a roll and give it a shot. I think you will be happy with the results.

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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