Skate Archives #3 :: Me and Rob Skating in MTL part II

Another trip down to Montreal to hang out, skate, eat bagels etc. with my good friend Rob from many many years ago! 

This spot was a schoolyard a few blocks from Rob’s place. From what I remember it was a fun spot, smooth pavement with a nice skateable picnic table! It was perfect. Here are a couple of “soft focus” shots of Rob. I always struggled with the manual focus cameras back then as my eyesight is less than perfect. Combine that with being new to taking photos and photos of things moving!

I thought I had a few more from this session but this is all I could dig up recently. A great reminder and feel for those times.

Take care,

Jeremy Shane Reid

ps; I’ve added a new resource section to this site with a few links that should be useful. I am starting small but will definitely add more soon!

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