Nikon F80 x Likon Super 200 | Toronto 2012

Toronto 2012, this was a throwback seeing these pictures for the first time after so many years! Recently developed and scanned here in Ottawa at Labworks in my attempt at processing all of my old film that has been sitting around for so long.

Almost certainly shot with my Nikon F80 35mm camera, Tamron 19-35mm wide angle lens and a roll of the old dollarama Likon Super 200 35mm film. I think this film was 3 or 4 dollars a roll and it was my go to cheap film until it disappeared sometime in the mid 2000’s. Not the best film around, it shifted quite a bit to green but had a look and feel that was usable to me. I always had a feeling that it was expired fuji film or something but I could never prove it.

These were all taken late September 2012. We had gone down to see Dinosaur Jr., do some record shopping and eat some good food. I threw the Nikon into my bag last minute not really thinking too much about it. Put whatever film I had in it and that was it. This is a time where I wasn’t shooting all that much and typically would be using the DSLR. So I am sure I had to dust off the F80 for this trip.

Only a couple of locations made it to the edit. As I mentioned before I wasn’t shooting a lot so I am happy that I have anything at all from this time! ROM, Honest Eds, one from the Beaches and the iconic CN Tower.

That’s it for now, get out there and get some sweet shots.


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