The idea behind Dusty Negatives was realized in the summer of 2021. After getting back into film photography, I was keeping myself busy sorting through some older prints and negatives from years ago that have never been shared digitally or even seen for that matter. On the other hand I had this box of old film that I had shot from the late 90’s that was just sitting there waiting to be developed. On top of that I literally dusted off my old Nikon F80 and started shooting film again. 

I had another website going before this but it didn’t have the direction or focus to be useful with what I wanted to do next. I gently retired my old site and started brainstorming about the next project. I had a few other names in mind. I wanted something that was going to sum up what I was doing with all of these old negatives and dusty cameras etc.. I stumbled upon a poster for a photography show that I had in the mid 2000’s that I had called Dusty Negatives and that was it! It seemed more relevant now than ever before. I was actually dusting off negatives and bringing them to life.

This is not a portfolio website but a blog of sorts where I will talk about Cameras, Film, Gear, Photographic Techniques and accompany them with stories that will hopefully shed some insight into the art of film photography.

Keep Shooting Film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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