Lomo Lubitel 166B x Fujifilm Acros 100 II

Here we go again. This time around I will be recounting my time shooting with the classic Lomo Lubitel 166B. A quick google about this camera and you will come across numerous posts, reviews and listings to buy these things used on eBay. The reviews seems to be divided with people loving them, hating themContinue reading “Lomo Lubitel 166B x Fujifilm Acros 100 II”

2004 Era | Pentax ESII x Ilford HP5

Last time around I was talking about archiving, storage and backing up digital photography. That was a project that took me deeper than expected and is almost finished. At least it’s in a place that I am happy with, leaving me with some time to move on to other projects. This brings me to thisContinue reading “2004 Era | Pentax ESII x Ilford HP5”