Kodak TMAX 400 x Nikon F4 | Autumn 2021 – Summer 2022

So this is a bit of an accompaniment piece to my last post as I had to change a roll of film on location to get a few more shots of the Civitan Club building in Smiths Falls. I had been shooting a roll of Kodak TMAX 400 and the roll abruptly ended at 24Continue reading “Kodak TMAX 400 x Nikon F4 | Autumn 2021 – Summer 2022”

Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 400

The first post of 2023 and the first film photography post in almost 6 months! It has been far too long but alas I am making the time again to sit down and start writing about my photographic adventures or mis-adventures as they sometime become. So we are going to get things rolling again withContinue reading “Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 400”

Nikon F4 x Rollei Retro 80s

One camera that I always have in my bag is the F4. It is a workhorse of a camera and it was with me for all of these trips last fall. I wasn’t using it as my main shooter so it had a few shots here and there from a bunch of the places that I sought out.
I had loaded it up with a roll of Rollei Retro 80s film.