Nikon F80 x Tri-X 400 Autumn 2020

It is raining around this part of the world today. Wet and grey outside. Not inspiring me to run out with my camera, however I have got back a few negatives and scans from Labworks recently. So it’s a good day to write a little blog post about that. These fairly recent for me. DevelopedContinue reading “Nikon F80 x Tri-X 400 Autumn 2020”


Hey, how is everyone doing out there? I hope you are taking your cameras everywhere and getting in some sweet shots! Straight to the point, I have been busy organizing, archiving and backing up my back catalog of digital photography. Basically covering the years from early 2000’s to now. I have had at least 3Continue reading “Archiving”

Point and Shoot

I seem to recall one of my professors in college making a comment that has stuck with me until this day. He was talking about cameras, gear and all the things that you think you need to make great photos when he paraphrased a famous photographer (I apologize that I can’t remember who it was).Continue reading “Point and Shoot”