Minolta XG-1 x Lomo Berlin Kino 400

The Minolta XG-1 was found a couple of weeks ago in that Salvation Army haul. The camera looked basically brand new or at least barely used at all. After talking about it with my girlfriend we decided that if the camera worked (I was sure it would) it would make a good Christmas gift. With the holidays upon us I didn’t waste anytime at all.

Salvation Army Camera Haul

I asked to check out the camera that caught my eye and the cashier informed me that it was one price for the whole lot of camera gear, 4 cameras, some lenses and flashes for $150 CAD. I looked at the little point and shoot and took a quick look at the rest of the cameras, snapped a quick picture of it and went on with my errands.

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 x Lomochrome Metropolis

Earlier this summer I found a Nikon AFD compact rangefinder camera at a thrift shop and quickly fell in love with it. It started me down this path of looking into all of these quirky, funky and retro looking lates 7o’s and early 80’s compact point and shoot cameras. I will get into the AFD soon but today we are looking at another little rangefinder I stumbled upon; the Minolta Hi-Matic AF2.