Nikon L35 AFD x Ilford HP5

When I think of Ilford HP5 I think of a classic black and white film. It seems to be everywhere in the world of photography. It is some photographers go-to film. I know I have shot quite a bit of it in my time and a lot of it back when I was in school. However I have only shot a few rolls of it as I am getting back into photography again. I was on a mission to try out different film stocks and find my favourite so I figured I would give HP5 I should give it another shot.

Nikon F4 x Rollei Retro 80s

One camera that I always have in my bag is the F4. It is a workhorse of a camera and it was with me for all of these trips last fall. I wasn’t using it as my main shooter so it had a few shots here and there from a bunch of the places that I sought out.
I had loaded it up with a roll of Rollei Retro 80s film.

Skate Archives #6 :: Ottawa

I came across these pictures recently while flipping through an old box of prints. I knew I had them but haven’t seen them in a long long time. These were taken by my friend Anthony Patmore. I honestly can’t remember exactly when they were taken but my guess is mid 90’s!