Nikon L35 AFD x Ilford HP5

When I think of Ilford HP5 I think of a classic black and white film. It seems to be everywhere in the world of photography. It is some photographers go-to film. I know I have shot quite a bit of it in my time and a lot of it back when I was in school. However I have only shot a few rolls of it as I am getting back into photography again. I was on a mission to try out different film stocks and find my favourite so I figured I would give HP5 I should give it another shot.

After writing about those rolls I shot last summer with the Nikon L35 I thought I would take that camera out again. I grabbed the L35 and realized that I had a half roll of film in it that I had must have started last fall. I threw it in my pocket and over the past few weeks I finished off the roll. To be honest I had forgotten what film was in that camera… to my surprise it was a roll of HP5. Perfect timing. A classic film stock in a classic camera!

Most of these shots were taken around Ottawa last fall and earlier this spring with the exception of 1 frame from a trip to Montreal last fall. I had set the ISO on the camera to 200 to overexpose all the shots by one stop. The shots all seem to be in relatively good focus for a point and shoot camera and the exposures were solid all around giving me some good scans. I did bump up the contrast a bit in post processing which I do to pretty much everything these days.

I am happy with this combination of film and camera. Good exposures, gritty grain and moody shots with an easy to use camera and a solid film stock. I should mention that Ilford HP5 can be found pretty much anywhere quality film is sold and is one of the more affordable films around. Maybe that has to do with its popularity and the fact that has proven itself to be a very reliable film stock. Scans and processing by the fine folks at Labworks here in Ottawa.

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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