Skate Archives #6 :: Ottawa

I came across these pictures recently while flipping through an old box of prints. I knew I had them but haven’t seen them in a long long time. These were taken by my friend Anthony Patmore. I honestly can’t remember exactly when they were taken but my guess is mid 90’s!

There was this spot that we used to skate on Albert St. near Kent for a while. There was a fountain with a little ledge that went around it. If it was dry you could pop in and out of it doing tricks over the ledge, up and down etc.. I can’t remember if we saw someone do it or it was already there, but one day there was a garbage can at the edge of the fountain which I thought would be perfect to do tricks over it. Off the ledge, over the garbage can and down off the fountain ledge. It was pretty sweet at the time. I am pretty sure we would get kicked out of the spot as was typical of skating downtown back then.

Anyways, Anthony came along one day to take pictures of Rob and I skating that spot. There are a couple pictures of me doing a kickflip over the can. One of Rob doing a nice backside 180 over it. The last one is a one off of me doing a pop shuvit or something later that day somewhere around downtown.

I think these pictures might be the last ones that I have of me from my years of skateboarding back then. Maybe I will come across some more someday… but that is it for today!

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