Nikon F4 x Rollei Retro 80s

Last fall I went on a few different photo missions outside of the city. One trip took me up the 105 in Quebec, another took me out the old highway 17 towards Montreal and a few little inner city trips. On each of these trips I had brought a specific camera to test out with a certain film stock as is my modus operandi.

One camera that I always have in my bag is the Nikon F4. It is a workhorse of a camera and it was with me for all of these trips last fall. I wasn’t using it as my main shooter so it had a few shots here and there from a bunch of the places that I sought out.

I had loaded it up with a roll of Rollei Retro 80s film. I had heard good things about this film and it’s fine grain. Fast forward a few months. It’s spring again and I finally took that roll of film to Labworks to get developed and scanned in. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the images that I got back. Yes the film had fine grain and the images were super sharp. It was the super high contrast that I wasn’t expecting at all. I typically need to bump up contrast in post processing with almost every other film that I shoot. The Rollei 80s however I actually had to tone down the contrast on a few shots!

So if fine grain and high contrast film is what you are looking for then you might really enjoy the Rollei 80s film. I know I will be shooting this again this summer and will explore the other film options Rollei has to offer.

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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