Lomo Lubitel 166B x Kodak TMAX 400

We are back again with some more Black & White Photography with a roll of Kodak TMAX 400 that I shot using a Lomo Lubitel 166B medium format camera. I have developed a complicated relationship with this camera. On one side I love the look and feel of it on the other it is a little finicky to use. It’s quirks however are part of its charm and it always gives me interesting yet unpredictable results..

Last fall I brought the lubitel with me on a photo mission up the 105 Highway in Quebec up past Wakefield. The destination was another place on the side of the road that I had driven by for years, an old beat up building with teardrop windows on the doors. Just a truly unique place that I had to document. On that trip I drove by and spotted a few other subjects and stopped on my way back home. 

This was an old hotel just off the Highway. I can’t remember the exact name of the village but it was at a junction and this hotel was tucked away just off the main road. It looks like it was been sitting there empty for some time now and was a perfect place to test out the Lubitel again. As I was shooting the hotel, trying to find some different angles I found myself having to step back quite a bit to as much of the building in the frame as possible. I definitely stepped onto someones property and was asked what I was doing and to get off his land so I quickly finished off the roll and got out of there!

I am getting used to the images that are soft and dreamlike from this camera. I think at the beginning I was hoping for some sort of sharpness from the images but have given up on that now. Moody soft focus images are what this camera does for me. I have noticed that it does focus a bit better with subjects that are close up rather than far away things. 

The other images from this roll are from a camping trip late last summer and a double exposure of my campsite and my old apartment which would have been the first shots on the roll. There were also a couple of missed frames on this roll as it was almost impossible to see the frame numbers in the back of the camera as I was advancing the roll!

All in all a fun batch of photos. I will have to head back to that old hotel and try to get some sharper images this summer!

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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