Ilford HP5 400 x Nikon F80

It’s late April. Today the sun is shining but it is still cold. Too cold for my tastes so I find myself tucked away in my office working on this before I run off to work this afternoon. Covid is still hanging on in this part of the world and has taken out everyone who works at my go-to photolab, Labworks here in Ottawa. I have been through it and it is rough and completely sucks and I do hope they all recover swiftly! My film that is in the lab will just have to wait a little longer. With that in mind I have gone back into the archives and have found a roll of Ilford HP5 that I had gotten developed last fall and most likely shot about 10 or 12 years ago.

It seems fitting enough to take a look back at these now since part of the roll was shot in the winter and the other part in the spring as the snow is almost completely melted and gone. We can take one last look at winter before we move into warmer spring and summer days.

I would have shot this with my Nikon F80 as it was my only film camera for years. Shot on Ilford HP5 which would have been my go to film for some time too. I think that this may have been a roll from a bulk loaded batch from years and years ago. Sturdy, reliable, sharp, good grain structure, good tonality and good contrast. These are all attributes that describe this stalwart Ilford film stock. There is a reason that this has been a go to film for decades. It works so well and has a good exposure latitude that captures all of the details.

These shots were taking in a couple of small towns just outside of Ottawa. The winter shots were taken in Pakenham, Ontario with its legendary & historical 5 arched stone bridge. The Rock Church and older building shots were taken in Arnprior, Ontario. I wish the church was open when I was there but alas it wasn’t at that time or I wasn’t rock n’ roll enough to get in 😉

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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