Skate Archives #5 :: MTL Rail Ollie

These might be the last pictures I have from the trips down to Montreal. Although I was the “photographer” back then I was just starting out and was way too focused on skating to be standing around behind the camera!

Once again, skating with Rob we spotted this rail and I am sure I blurted out that “yeah I can ollie that…” Anyways from my recollection we where there a couple of times. Once in the day and again at night so Rob could get some pictures of me. Thank you for that Rob! 

Seemingly simple enough this rail was mid thigh to waist high with a drop on the other side to a slight downhill on the other side. It took a bunch of tries but I got it. Pop up and over and down and roll away. 

Here’s a couple of photos of that nighttime session from 20+ years ago.

Keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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