Nikon F60 x Fujifilm Acros II 100

I am beginning to really like the Fujifilm Acros II 100 film stock. I’ve shot it a handful of times and am always pleasantly surprised to see the results. The grain is fine, organic and beautiful. The tonal range is spectacular to say the least. The film seems to capture everything in a very natural way making every picture a work of art.

This would have been the third roll of Acros II that I have shot. I picked up a few rolls last summer from Labworks here in Ottawa when they were having a little sale on this particular film stock. If I had of known how good it was I may have bought it all! With that being said I am happy that I got a few rolls to test out.

The camera of choice this time around was a Nikon F60 35mm SLR. Like most of the Nikons from the 90’s it is designed with ergonomics in mind and looks like it became the blueprint for modern DSLR’s. It fits in your hand nicely, everything is smooth with only a few dials on it and a little LCD screen on top to see what the camera setting are. I don’t think these cameras are overly expensive or sought after. I am sure Nikon made more of these cameras than it needed too. I picked this up used with a kit lens and a bag for $50 CAD. The only reason I got this was to replace the one that I had, that was stolen from my car years ago. It was a nostalgic purchase at its core. 

It was a fun camera, easy to use. Very automatic in how it functions. I think I set it to Aperture priority, set my lens to autofocus and used it as a big point and shoot camera. That was it. I threw on my Nikon 35mm 1:2 AF lens and away I went.

Photos from around my friends Cottage this past summer and a few from a skate session at Nepean High. Summer 2022.

Processing and scans from Galaxy Camera here in Ottawa, which is also the best place to get film locally. Such a great camera store/lab/museum. If you haven’t been you should seriously go down and check the place out!

Take care and keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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