Nikon L35 AFD pt II – Nikon AFD x Fujifilm Acros 100 II

This is the second part of that first photo mission with the Nikon AFD. After burning through the roll of colour film I loaded up the little camera with a roll of Fujifilm Acros 100 II. I had heard that this was one of the sharpest black and white films around and was curious to test it out.

I continued my wandering down that section of Merivale Road in the Carlington neighbourhood. I had driven by this part of town for years but now it is closer to home and I am getting to walk around and explore it better. There is this mix of old war homes, unique business that seem to have been around forever, newer ones like the Carlington Coffee House that are giving the neighbourhood a modern touch (which is needed) and an older church with some Amazing architecture.

I mentioned in my previous post how easy the Nikon AFD is to use. Just point and shoot. The autofocus is engaged when the shutter is pressed half way like all Nikons since this camera. It proved to be pretty accurate giving me some sharp photos from a little point and shoot camera! 

I am also happy how the film performed. All of my shots were well exposed (way better than the expired colour film). I really like the grain, it gives the images a nice vibe. I will be looking to shoot this film stock again in the future. Film processing and scanning at Labworks here in Ottawa.

Here are a few photos from Carlington, summer 2021.

Keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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