Skate Archives #4 :: Me and Rob Skating MTL part III

I loved going down to Montreal to skate and hangout for the weekends. It was always the best time. Every single time. It wasn’t possible to have a bad time back then! 

Cruising around the streets with Rob was the usual thing. This time we ended up on College Street if my memory serves me well to skate a nice little ledge. That is a picture of Rob doing his thing on that spot and another of him hanging out while I figure out how to take another out of focus picture…

At some point I started looking at these benches close by and spotted a little curved planter that looked like a good enough thing to ollie out of. So in my fine style I just start throwing myself at this thing trying to pop off and get into a 5050 on the bench. It was a little awkward but I managed to get the angles down and away I went, not giving a dang about the people walking around or for that matter sitting down! I was in the zone.

Rob must have been the one taking the pictures of me at this point. The last one makes me smile.

Keep shooting film,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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