Skate Archives #2 :: Me and Rob Skating in MTL part I

Undated and undoubtably from at least 20 years or more ago here are a few skateboarding photos from a trip down to Montreal to skate with my good friend Rob.

Driving down to MTL to skate with Rob was a pretty regular thing for a few years. I would get off work on a Friday night and drive down to hang out for the weekend, skate, eat cheap falafels, drink coffee, eat amazing bagels, hit up some sort of club and drink some cheap beers. The highlight was always the skating with Rob and then the bagels! 

This was from one of those trips where I actually brought a camera and we headed out to the big O. I am sure I have some more photos somewhere from the ubiquitous covered half pipe tunnel or maybe I ran out of film by then! Either way here are a few shots of us rolling around doing some wall rides and wallies. 

Good times were had every time!

Take care,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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