Kodak Ektachrome x C41 Processing pt I

As I keep myself busy shooting different film in old cameras I thought that this would be a fun project. Old slide film from who knows when cross processed and scanned in. I figured I had nothing to lose.

Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 100 | Quebec Autumn 2021

Another photo mission from late autumn 2021. It was the time of year that the leaves have all changed colours and have mostly fallen off the trees. The leaves that were still hanging on, are all brown and grey. The grass and ground are grey. Pretty much everything natural is devoid of colour. The snow is coming soon but hasn’t hit us yet.

Nikon F4 x Kodak TMAX 400 | Autumn 2021

On my search for an amazing black and white film stock and an unreasonable decision to “only shoot Kodak” I loaded up the Nikon F4 with a roll of Kodak TMAX 400. One of the most classic film stocks.