Forgotten Black and White Photos

Yes I am still sifting through an old box of film. Every time I pull out a roll that doesn’t have a label or date it is always a roll of the dice. I am always hoping for some golden shots but that is not always the case. This roll is a prime example of that.

Black and white was my go to choice of film and still is to this day. There is something sweet about the grain. It gives the images some grit and feel that is unparalleled. That is if you have captured some great images..

This might be my okay-ist roll that I have developed. Nothing spectacular and definitely nothing that I remember shooting. A random bull statuette, a blurry picture of my friends dog, a winter scene of a creek, one random picture of a downtown street and a few shots of a protest march down Rideau street with people carrying fake coffins. I wish I remembered it but I don’t. That is just the way it goes sometimes.

That is also the way it was back then. When you shoot film you do not get an instant image to confirm that your composition or exposure was right on. It took time to develop your skill and craft. Waiting 20 years to get the results back doesn’t help either lol! My best guess is this is from 1998 or 1999.

It is all part of the process and journey. My take away with this is to always label and date your film in the off chance that you let it sit for as long as I did. The real cool part is that the images were still there, waiting to be developed after being frozen in emulsion and time.

Take care and keep shooting film.

Jeremy Shane Reid

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