Skate Archives #1 :: Dave, Lee & Rob Pole Jam

I have been sharing some old skate photos on the gram lately but I had the thought that I would post them here and give a little background story too. So here goes skate archives #1.

These are from the late 90’s, maybe 1998.. but I am not 100% sure. I would’ve been shooting 35mm colour film in my last year of photo school and I am sure these were shot then, most likely for some project or another.

There was construction happening in the downtown core back then and this spot we were skating was a product of that construction. I am pretty sure there was a structural reason for this spot we were skating but we didn’t care about that. They (the city?) basically grounded and secured some sign and light posts with asphalt accidentally making a nice little ramp up to the angle bank of the light post making an excellent bump/jump ramp to wallie thing. So much fun to cruise right up and launch off of these things. They were there for a short time that summer and we made the best of them.

Here are a few blurred slow shutter flash shots of my friends Dave and Lee.

Take care,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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