1997 Portrait Session with my Dad :: Algonquin College :: Ilford Delta Pro 100

I just got this roll of 120 film developed. It had been sitting in that box of old film for a while. It turns out it had been sitting there since late 97 or early 98!

This was a portrait session that I did while I was studying photography at Algonquin College. We had to do a medium format colour studio portrait. I must have shot this roll as an extra and forgotten all about it. I would have been using one of the Mamiya 645’s that the photography program had for us. Ilford Delta Pro 100 was the film that I used and I am sure it would have given me some amazing results if I had it developed right away. However after sitting for 25 years there are some obvious light leaks and fogging giving these images a ghostly feel to them. My father passed away in February 2017. This is a serendipitous tribute to my old man. Brian Walter Reid, May 31, 1945 – February 23, 2017.

Thank you to Labworks here in Ottawa for the perfect processing and scans.

Take care of your loved ones,

Jeremy Shane Reid

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