Kodak Ektachrome x C41 Processing pt II | Beautiful Disasters

Kodak Ektachrome x C41 Processing pt II Beautiful Disasters-Feature Image

This is the second half roll of film that I had cross processed last week. I had originally thought it was all from 2001 or 2002 when I was living out in Lake Louise, Alberta. However I had forgotten that the roll of film had ‘2006’ written on it. So to be as clear as can be, this roll was shot in 2001 or 2002 in and around Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta and again in Ottawa in 2006 resulting in a mash up of images that could never be reproduced again. Heck I couldn’t have planned this if I tried!

I had a painter friend who once told me about his “happy accidents” that would happen and he would take them in stride and incorporate them into his work. Each time making his work truly unique. The term ‘beautiful disaster’ came to mind while I was looking at these for the first time. Whatever you want to call them these are some truly unique images. Kodak Ektachrome slide film with C41 processing and multiple exposures, some double, some might be triple it is hard to know for sure.

I am quite happy with these images. They remind me of the old ‘Raygun’ magazines from the 90’s. The ones where David Carson was the graphic designer. I wish I could have said I made these on purpose and that was the plan.. but alas at least I can appreciate these for what they are.

Thank you for looking at my beautiful disasters!

Jeremy Shane Reid

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