Nikon F80 x Tri-X 400 Autumn 2020

It is raining around this part of the world today. Wet and grey outside. Not inspiring me to run out with my camera, however I have got back a few negatives and scans from Labworks recently. So it’s a good day to write a little blog post about that.

These fairly recent for me. Developed and scanned a few weeks ago and taken sometime last fall. Most of these shots were taken in Old Ottawa South with a few around the house and one from Irene’s Pub.

This was my first roll of Kodak Black and White film. I wanted to try a few different film stocks out to find my new go-to film. This was Tri-X 400. I have a roll of TMAX 400 in the lab as I write this and a roll of TMAX 100 in my Nikon F4 waiting to be shot.

I have to say I am happy with the results. I like the grain, it gives the pictures a bit of grit that is lost in the digital world. The contrast is nice and it seems to handle different lighting situations alright. Most of these were shot on an overcast day. The one triangular building on a super sunny day and the inside shots with low available lighting. No flash this time around but I would expect the results would be pretty good. I should note that I am a fan of high contrast images over 10,000 shades of grey and this film makes me happy. 

Back when I was in school I shot mostly Ilford HP5 and Agfa APX as it was plentiful and cheap. Both really decent films, but I am happy to be working with different film stocks these days trying to find ‘my’ signature film.

Taken with a Nikon F80, 35mm lens using Kodak Tri-X 400. Processing and scanning from Labworks and a little post work in Adobe Lightroom.

That’s it for now, happy shooting!

– Jeremy

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