Hey, how is everyone doing out there? I hope you are taking your cameras everywhere and getting in some sweet shots!

Straight to the point, I have been busy organizing, archiving and backing up my back catalog of digital photography. Basically covering the years from early 2000’s to now. I have had at least 3 different computers over this time and have dumped all of the photos onto a singular hard drive. Knowing full well that there were going to be some duplicates and that one day I would have the time to sort that out. That time is now. It has taken some serious and tedious work but I have a system down using Adobe Lightroom CC. CC standing for Creative Cloud. 

It took me a while to wrap my head around the program but once I figured out HOW it worked it completely made sense and was just the thing I had been seeking for years! Beyond the editing capabilities that I may talk about later on it is the Cloud storage that was the thing that caught my attention. 

Basically when you import your photos into Lightroom you can create folders and albums within Lightroom to organize your photos to keep everything nice and organized. Then we get to my favourite part; Lightroom then copies the photos to the folder of your choosing, in my case I set it to an external hard drive to save precious space on my laptop. It ALSO backs up and syncs all of your photos to the Cloud. In my mind this is a perfect back up system! So all at once when you import your work you can organize, store and backup your work. Absolutely amazing. I wish that this program/service existed when I got into digital photography!

I have come across so much work in this archiving process. Some that I remember and have been happy to find again and quite a few images that I had forgotten about which brings us to this weeks photo, that I had forgotten all about circa 2012. This was taken from my driveway, of the parking lot across the street from my house in one of my only attempts at nighttime photography. [ Side note this parking lot has since been replaced by a multi tier parking garage! ] It was taken originally in colour but I am digging the moody vibe of this Black & White edit!

Taken using a tripod with a Nikon D7000, 18mm, f/10 and an exposure time of 8 seconds.

That’s it for now, take care and keep shooting!

– Jeremy

ps. any thoughts on using a watermark? yes or no?

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