Jay Peak, Vermont circa 2000

I’ve been thinking about posting these old photos for a while now. There is a memorable story from this trip which I will get into soon. Combine that with the fact that I have had a few strikeouts at the photo lab in recent weeks. One blank roll and one questionable roll that was massively underdeveloped with unrecognizable images on it… Well that leads me into talking about these photos from a snowboard trip 20 years or so ago.

Kodak Ektachrome x C41 Processing pt II | Beautiful Disasters

I am quite happy with these images. They remind me of the old ‘Raygun’ magazines from the 90’s. The ones where David Carson was the graphic designer. I wish I could have said I made these on purpose and that was the plan..

Kodak Ektachrome x C41 Processing pt I

As I keep myself busy shooting different film in old cameras I thought that this would be a fun project. Old slide film from who knows when cross processed and scanned in. I figured I had nothing to lose.