Kodak Ektar 100 x Seagull TLR

Today we are looking at the second roll of film that I have shot with my Seagull TLR camera. I mentioned in my previous post that I got this second hand last fall and it is my second medium format camera. I was happy with the images from the first roll and happier with the images from this second roll!

I had figured out how the camera worked shooting the first roll so when it came time to load up that second roll I was ready for it.. or so I thought. It turns out that I didn’t feed enough of the film lead into the camera when I was loading the second roll and ended up with a partial first frame! A lesson that made me extra careful while loading up the next film.

All of these images were shot around an abandoned bread factory here in Ottawa. I had scouted out this place last year but only managed to get here earlier this spring. It was later in the day so the sun was still out and the shadows were predominant and strong. I am a fan of high contrast images and this was the right kind of light for that. I had just put in a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that was recommended to me from Ali at Galaxy Camera

The scene had some pretty cool pops of colour. Yellow, Red, Blues from the building and sky and the white of the old building. Throw in some dirt and rust from an industrial building that has been sitting dormant for some time and it was the perfect spot to blast out a roll of film. I will mention that they are starting to do some work around the place, it looks like they are getting to redevelop the space and it won’t be around for too long!

Film processing and scans from the fine folks at Labworks.

Take care and keep shooting film

Jeremy Shane Reid

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