Nikon F80 x Lomography Colour 100

Nikon F80 x Lomography Colour 100 - Feature Image

Well this was a treat getting this roll of film developed from this past summer and fall. It’s the autumn photos that really made me smile with the bright lush colours! I also enjoyed a couple of photos from my backyard and there are a couple from the Zibi development mid summer that have some really nice colours and tones too.

I had put in a roll of Lomography Colour 100 film that I had bought a year or two ago at the start of the summer. I had been playing around with point and shoot cameras for a good part of the summer and the F80 did not make it out too many times… However when I do pull out the F80 it’s always a pleasure to shoot. It’s easy enough to use. It’s a good size, fits in my hand well and can easily be thrown into almost any camera bag. It was the film that stole the show though. I am sure this Lomography Colour Film would stand up very well in any camera. All the exposures were solid giving me some really nice scans. I love the colours! The contrast is good and the images are crisp. I will shoot this again.

I had made a road trip in November 2021 down the old highway to Montreal. I was on a photo mission to get some photos of an old sign with my Lomo Lubitel 166B. You can read about that here. The plan was to get some nice images on medium format film but that didn’t work out as I had planned… Luckily I brought along my Nikon’s as backup and I am happy I did.

I had colour film in my Nikon F80 which we will look at today. I also had my Nikon F4 loaded with Black & White Film. Black and White in the F4 and Colour in the F80. That way I am ready for anything. Lucky for me the day I went out it was nice, warm and sunny. Late autumn, lots of bright colours everywhere with the leaves changing on the trees. Perfect for colour photography!

Here are a few photos from that photo mission. Enjoy this blast of late autumn colour on this crisp winter day!

Take care,


P.S. Typically I will do some post work in Lightroom to shape the colours and tones to my satisfaction. These are all straight scans with no post processing at all! Film developing and scans done here in Ottawa at Labworks.

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