Lomo Lubitel 166B x Lomochrome Metropolis

This is the second roll of film that I have shot with the Lubitel 166B. In my previous post I mentioned all the quirks about this camera however I do really enjoy the viewfinder on top. Looking down to compose and shoot makes it a little easier to get low to the ground for some interesting compositions which I had some fun with using some puddles and reflections in some of these shots.

I had picked up 2 rolls of this Metropolis Lomochrome film from Galaxy Camera here in Ottawa recently. One roll of 120 and one 35mm which I will get to writing about soon enough. Right now we will look at the 120 version which I shot at 400 ISO. It is rated 100-400 ISO with normal C41 developing. Kinda strange if you ask me, typically you would need to push or pull to get the optimum results. However from what I had read about this film is that the colour will shift depending on what speed you shoot it at. As I mentioned this was at 400. Half the shots were at dusk on a wet and cloudy day, very flat lighting but I was working with some lights and signs to see how the film would react to that. The other half was later in the week on an overcast day with again flat lighting. I typically like full sun and strong shadows to get some nice colours and contrast in my photos. However I really wanted to see how this film was going to work in these less than ideal conditions.

So with the new film in the new old camera I really did not know what to expect. I know I had used my light meter to dial in my exposures and was sure that was going to be ok. I knew I had made at least one good composition and was excited to see how that turned out. That is the one with the man and his reflection at the Ultrmar gas station. As I found out with the previous roll in the Lubitel I now knew the shots were going to be soft and hazy and that was consistent for sure. The colours were a little flat to my standards in the original scans so I bumped up the contrast in post processing a bit. I will leave a comparison below to see the original and my edit. Maybe you will prefer the original, at least you can see how the film performed.

That is it for now. I have the 35mm roll in the lab now so you will see a post on that in the upcoming weeks. That should be fun too. That was shot in a little Minolta compact camera that I found recently in a thrift shop!

Take care and happy shooting!


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